I am a Reiki Master, Pastoral Counselor, and Ordained Interfaith Minister. 
I help people overcome dissatisfaction, pain and trauma in life, work, and relationships. With a gentle, light-hearted approach, 
I guide my clients through the groundbreaking process I developed 
(the Clearday Healing Methodology)
that combines intuitive counseling and intuitive Reiki energy healing therapy.

Thank you for your interest in this very special and unique healing process,

called the Clearday Healing Methadology, which I developed over 20 years ago.
This work is designed to make the biggest difference for you in the least amount of time.
I am looking forward to partnering with you to achieve your goals.


Less Stress
No Pain
More Happiness
More Fulfilling Relationships
More Self-Esteem
Better Health
More Freedom
More Peace
More Ease

These goals are realistic and attainable. I demonstrate Specific Measurable Results.
Please give me a call or text me at 719-332-9226 to ask any questions you may have OR
to schedule the one-hour appointment that is my gift to you.

I have a new office at the Mandala Integrative Medicine Clinic,
which is in the Mock Realty Building.
The entrance is on Broadway, come up the steps.
I'll pick you up in the waiting room of the second floor at
825 S. Broadway St., Suite 200, Boulder, CO 80305.

I have officially changed my business name to "Intuitive Reiki Counseling, LLC"
and I am changing my last name to Clearday, so there are lots of changes, all good!