About Me

I am a devoted wife and mother.  I am a lover of people, animals, nature, the environment, family, God, peace, humor, kindness and all things good...  I practice what I preach.  My personal goal is to always speak the truth with love and grace.  I believe in each person's potential to return to their true nature and heal all trauma.  

As a dedicated introspector, observer and life-long learner, I have developed the capacity to uncover each person's underlying commitment (or addiction) to sabotaging (or sidetracking) their life.  I teach a process I call "Embracing," which helps set you free of the past, so you can be at peace in the present.  I have the gift of hands-on healing, and so every person (or animal) I touch releases imbalance, emotional trauma and physical pain, and is furthered in their journey to be restored to their true spiritual nature.  I have also been given the gifts of clairsentience (knowing things I haven't been told), clairtangency (perceiving information through my hands) and clairvoyance (seeing things that have happened, could happen or will happen), and I have learned to get out of the way and let these gifts guide you (and me).

I started practicing Reiki Therapy in 1996, over 2 decades ago.  Initially, I saw the opportunity to do more than just energy healing, so I began talking to my clients about their lives and taking notes.  Over time, this process evolved and I developed the "Clearday Healing Method."  It is a powerful program of transformation.  This process combines counseling (a thorough inquiry into your past and present) with energy healing.  The results are incredibly profound and impactful.  The results are specific, measurable and documented.  

I am a Reiki Master & Teacher, trained by a Benedictine nun, and I am also an Ordained Interfaith Minister.  In addition to my counseling and healing practice, I am available to deliver sermons, as well as a variety of ceremonies (like weddings and funerals) and I am a professional speaker.  The purpose of my speaking engagements, regardless of the topic, is to empower and transform lives.  Whether it's a one on one format or a large group setting, I am committed to transformation and making a difference.

Three decades ago, I took "The Road Less Traveled," and my journey of pain became my journey to heal.  Anything is possible--for me and for you.  I am a Change Agent, as well as a health and wellness partner.  Together we can change what isn't working in your life.  


-Ordained Interfaith Minister 
School of Peace, Asheville, North Carolina
July 2015. 

-Reiki Mastership Certification
Sister Jan Ginzsky, Benet Pines Monastery in Colorado Springs, Colorado
December 2004.  

-Reiki II Certification
Loving Touch Center in Bayfield, Colorado
June 1996.

-Reiki I Certification
Loving Touch Center in Bayfield, Colorado
March 1996.

-More than 3000 hours of Continuing Education Classes on topics like Relationships, Communication, Integrity, Self-esteem, Change, Commitment, the Inner Child, Peace, Conflict Resolution, Love, Healing, Conscious Creating, Loss, Grief, Conscious Living/Conscious Dying, Art Therapy, Trauma, Parenting, Transitioning, Empowerment, Professional Speaking, Presentation & more... 
Ongoing since 1990.

-Volunteer Reiki Therapist
Pikes Peak Hospice & Palliative Care in Colorado Springs, Colorado
On & off between 2000-2010. 

-Bachelor of Arts
Major in Mass Communications, Minor in Speech Communication
Towson University, Towson, Maryland
January 1989.