There are lots of signed testimonials on Google. I can also provide you with professional references. Here are some testimonials;

Testimonial # 1 is from SS after 10 sessions:

When I first started to have my sessions, I was skeptical about how it worked or even if it was worth my time. Now I can honestly say that I cannot fully explain in words how significantly my life has positively changed in every aspect;

-my relationship with myself

-my relationship with my spouse
-my relationship with my family
-my relationship to my job

Before I started seeing Chris, I suffered with chronic pain and depression for almost 10 years. This included suffering through a "normal" day with:

-chronic depression (diagnosed at age 11)

-severe nausea and vomiting
-sharp, stabbing stomach pain and cramps
-chronic muscle pain everywhere (even my hair & nails hurt)
-chronic pain in my joints
-numbness & tingling in my face and extremities
-pins & needles in my face and extremities
-chronic and intense migraines
-sharp, stabbing pelvic pains
-terrible sleep and
-overwhelming fatigue
-I was unhappy and depressed
-I felt like my job was soul-sucking
-I was not feeling comfortable with myself or in my body
-I did not have the confidence to express myself 
-I did not ultimately love myself and 
-I did not allow anyone else to fully love me for who I was.

After having my sessions with Chris, I have;

-no stomach pain or nausea (I am able to eat without the fear of throwing up)

-no chronic muscle or joint pain
-no numbness or tingling
-no pins and needles 
-no migraines
-great sleep
-no fatigue
-learned to accept myself as I am
-to express myself and to speak truthfully and 
-above everything else, I learned to LOVE myself.


Testimonial # 2 from SM

Chris is a healer. Her process provides an overall healing that nurtures the mind and the body. Chris is very thorough in her analysis, and has you explore how your body and your mind work together to provide wellness. My husband and I have had a number of treatments from Chris and have even purchased a session for my mother to help with her back issues.  Chris did work with our cat who was ill during her last years and provided relief to her, as well. She is very trustworthy and reliable in having your health come first.


Testimonial # 3 from AH

Chris is a master at bringing to focus priority issues of the heart and mind. Her astute, clear intuition and skill include an ingenious combination of mind/body techniques to reveal root areas of wounding, and blockages in thinking and emotions. Her energy and body work facilitate the release of patterns lodged in the body to facilitate freedom and peace. She helps the client create new intentions and goals, and sets them on paper, and opens the heart and body to receive new healing. Negative emotions lose the power to manipulate behavior, and negative thinking is changed with wisdom and truth. 


Testimonial # 4 from AB

I would like to thank you for being such a wonderful friend and Reiki therapist.
The session I had with you helped me and my family in the toughest time.
You are truly “the healer.” I don’t know how you do it, or how it works. I just know that it works!


Testimonial # 5 from SB

I have been to Chris' Reiki session 6 times & I can state that if I had not experienced it for myself, I would have never believed it. I am not a closed-minded person, but I never considered Reiki a healing process. Actually, I did not know much about it or care to experience it. On my first visit I went in feeling over-stressed, unfocused (which is bad for being a business owner) and just plain miserable, and oh yes, I had road rage (not good!). When I left the first session, I realized that I had been carrying around a load of bricks around my chest, and the bricks were gone, stress was reduced and I noticed my road rage was reduced slightly. My subsequent sessions produced a continual decrease in stress and greatly improved sleep, as well as reduced intake of food so that I do not feel the need to continually overeat. As of my 6th session, my road rage is now about gone, so I just laugh and realize I have done some of the same things as the other drivers. I like myself more. I give myself downtime and feel better about my life all around!
During these sessions, I felt physical shifts in my body. For example, I felt something in my head that moved to my throat where I could feel heat emanating from my throat, and it continued to shift down my legs. These were physical reactions in the here & now, not imaginary desires. I didn't know things like this were possible and I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't experienced it myself. 
I highly recommend Chris' services; it is well worth the investment to do something for yourself.