The Clearday Healing Methodology is a unique combination of intuitive counseling, intuitive Reiki energy healing therapy and documentation. There are usually several parts to a session.  The steps below are not a rigid process because each session is unique and customized for your needs at that moment and depend upon how much time we have.  It is a fluid process designed to yield powerful results, benefits and breakthroughs.  Our work together is a journey and I am your guide to a better life. 

1) INQUIRY--We have a nice chat, while I listen and inquire into your past and present.   

2) ESTABLISH GOALS--By determining what's in your way that you want to change.

3) ASSESS GOALS AND CONCERNS--You rate each goal on a scale of 0 low-10 high. 
(Each person's list is different, but some common targets are; stress, happiness, inner peace, self-esteem, sleep, work, family, important relationships, anger, sadness, fear, negativity, traumas, health issues, physical pain, physical imbalances like headaches or stomach aches...) 

4) HANDS-ON ENERGY HEALING THERAPY--I send good old-fashioned love and Reiki through you to re-set your body, mind, heart and soul to a state of deep peace and healing.  Sometimes we "process" whatever images, thoughts, feelings or sensations arise.

5) DISCUSS SESSION RESULTS--We wrap up and you tell me what happened for you while you were in the session and on the table.  

6) RE-ASSESS ALL GOALS--You re-assess each of the targeted goals and concerns you assessed earlier and I track the changes, which are usually significant.  

7) DOCUMENTATION--I take notes to capture the essence of your experience.  (For example, common results are that stress went from 8 to 0, happiness went from 6 to 9, and pain went from 5 to 0...  give you a copy of your notes, and I also keep a copy so we can track your future progress.

8) FOLLOW-UP--Once we have our list of targeted goals and concerns (usually we can accomplish that during the first session if we have enough time), then we run down that same list for each subsequent session.  It is a streamlined process that is front-loaded, and gets you significant results and breakthroughs fast.  You will see your life begin to change right away, and you will see major results in as little as 1 to 5 sessions.